• Image of Night House Poster

In August of 2015, installation artist Kate McQuillen cloaked the facade of a two-story suburban home in an image of the night sky.

Sited specifically within the peaceful neighborhood setting of Oak Park, Illinois, McQuillen’s large-scale installation, titled “Night House,” swathed the front of a two-story suburban home with a printed image of a glittering, star-filled night sky. The installation sparked considerations of cosmic themes, dreams, and the outsized aspirations held by those who live behind ordinary suburban homes.

Proceeds from the Night House poster go towards costs for this piece of public art!
The Night House poster, pictured here, was handmade by McQuillen to mark this temporary installation. Printed on 16″ x 20″ Neenah Eclipse Black paper, this is an open edition, with each print signed by the artist. Varnish and metallic inks on the surface cause the piece to shift and shimmer in different light, and the moon, stars, and lantern glow in the dark when the lights are out. By purchasing this poster, you will help us cloak an actual home in stars.

Project Information
Read more about the Night House project here.

Night House poster information:
Five screens • Six inks: glow-in-the-dark, silver, varnish, yellow, white and a split fountain • 16″ x 20″ • Neenah Eclipse Black paper • Open edition • Signed by the artist

Please anticipate two weeks for shipping.